Finished objects

Here are some images of the finished objects. Reused glass In the “reused” plinth I have three items. These are simple objects that don’t require a lot of skill, apart from cutting and sanding. Tumbler – Terranium and Light – Holder (wine glass) I will hopefully have another light assembled today. I had one last … Continue reading Finished objects

Making of the Book

Making this book has really stressed me out. I was really looking forward getting to make it… until I actually started making it. After Friday deadline I have just felt really tired. I start really good, and can keep that for a couple of hours but then I get very frustrated. I should have done … Continue reading Making of the Book

Almost grown

I have very much enjoyed my course. I have learned many skills and found my inner-maker. However, until the show was up today I have not honestly thought that I could make a living of it. Today, after having finished setting up for the exhibition, and most importantly having met the deadline, I am excited … Continue reading Almost grown


The last few days have pretty much been about setting up. There has been a lot of filling, sanding and painting. Luckily we’ve had the help of the first year students. I had a few moulds going at the same time to be poured in cement. I did today. Heartbreaking that they broke, again. I … Continue reading Reused

Exhibition run

We have painted and set… Good to go! After everything being painted, I went into my space to start moving the plinths. I have been to exhibitions, I have never had one myself so this has been a very nerve wrecking time (as well as deadlines everywhere). Floor cleaning and appropriate lighting will be done … Continue reading Exhibition run

Degree plan

I think I have finally worked out how am I working this thing out. I began to work under the concept of Sustainability. I have narrowed down a lot. I want my work to reflect a Re-Use, Reduce, Re-cycle principle (part of being sustainable). I kept thinking that I wanted my objects to look professional, … Continue reading Degree plan