Post on the glass medals

Continuing with the recycling and re-using concept. I have been working on the medals which were part of the Subject area of the course. I am using recycled materials such as glass (bottles) and aluminium (cans). I am on the first stage of this project. The medals have been in the kiln once and this … Continue reading Post on the glass medals

Deck chair

I am not fully satisfied with the design of this chair. Maybe it is not the design that is the problem. The execution is. I had to debate whether to assemble it in university or at home. I ended up doing it at home because I don’t have a car so it would have been … Continue reading Deck chair

Wooden Box

The last workshop was in the sculpture department. We worked with wood and big metals. Here are some photos of my wooden box. First step was to cut the wood (with the bandsaw) and put it together using Gorilla Glue and nails. I then put the top and the bottom of the box with glue … Continue reading Wooden Box