Support for booklets

This post is for extra information on the Catalogues. So the work of coming to the chosen design for the books was posted in a previous post. — — — — After deciding on them, I stated putting them together. I followed the same procedure of glueing two sheets together for extra support. For the … Continue reading Support for booklets

Finished Catalogue

Today, we consume raw materials a lot faster than they can regenerate themselves. People are increasingly becoming more aware of it. Recycling and Up-cycling has become part of our lives. Through this catalogue I present design ideas working on the basis of being sustainable. These projects are to be physical next year.     BOOK … Continue reading Finished Catalogue

Finished Medals

Here are some images of the finished medals. Because the colours were quite dark, I rubbed the medals with some golden natural pigment I bought in Venice. It brings out the colours of the glass a lot more. Photos will never be the same as seeing them live. The medals are to be displayed in … Continue reading Finished Medals

Medals 2.0

The deadlines are fast approaching, so I will start to publish what I have been working on and the journey to coming to it. A few things I need to hand in. In this first post I will go through the Medal project. I started working on this medal before I came to Italy. I … Continue reading Medals 2.0