Artist Research

Here are some Artists and companies I looked at for inspiration, and motivation. I found Mikiya Kobayashi¬†through a book in the library and looked into him because I really liked his work. I found the texture in his work and the simplicity of the forms really beautiful. I also looked at websites like Houzz for … Continue reading Artist Research

Break through

Yesterday was an odd one. After going in the morning to find that my glass had done nothing in the kiln for about 8 hours, I felt pretty low. Even more so, considering that I am having my formative assessment today! Considering it is probably the first time I didn’t leave things until last minute, … Continue reading Break through

Keep testing

Getting the glass “right” has taken some attempts. I have now, in total done four groups of firing: two at 865 and two at 875. I have changed the time of soaking, experimented with glass from different sources, the amounts of it I have used and also the thinness of them; kept thinking about “the … Continue reading Keep testing