Post on the glass medals

Continuing with the recycling and re-using concept. I have been working on the medals which were part of the Subject area of the course. I am using recycled materials such as glass (bottles) and aluminium (cans). I am on the first stage of this project. The medals have been in the kiln once and this … Continue reading Post on the glass medals

Slip Decoration

We did this a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. We started the lecture having a chat with Duncan (head of my choice of Field module). He walked us trhough what we were going to be doing for the lesson. PLAYING! He showed us techniques about slip decoration and the pigments that … Continue reading Slip Decoration

Wax casting

Casting in wax is great. Casting in wax will also allow me to cast in other materials (metals) which is something I will like to try, so I want to keep improving. During our induction, we made a mould in rubber. I used a light bulb for the mould, but did only the top half. … Continue reading Wax casting