Finished objects

Here are some images of the finished objects. Reused glass In the “reused” plinth I have three items. These are simple objects that don’t require a lot of skill, apart from cutting and sanding. Tumbler – Terranium and Light – Holder (wine glass) I will hopefully have another light assembled today. I had one last … Continue reading Finished objects

Making of the Book

Making this book has really stressed me out. I was really looking forward getting to make it… until I actually started making it. After Friday deadline I have just felt really tired. I start really good, and can keep that for a couple of hours but then I get very frustrated. I should have done … Continue reading Making of the Book

Exhibition run

We have painted and set… Good to go! After everything being painted, I went into my space to start moving the plinths. I have been to exhibitions, I have never had one myself so this has been a very nerve wrecking time (as well as deadlines everywhere). Floor cleaning and appropriate lighting will be done … Continue reading Exhibition run

Degree plan

I think I have finally worked out how am I working this thing out. I began to work under the concept of Sustainability. I have narrowed down a lot. I want my work to reflect a Re-Use, Reduce, Re-cycle principle (part of being sustainable). I kept thinking that I wanted my objects to look professional, … Continue reading Degree plan

Support for booklets

This post is for extra information on the Catalogues. So the work of coming to the chosen design for the books was posted in a previous post. — — — — After deciding on them, I stated putting them together. I followed the same procedure of glueing two sheets together for extra support. For the … Continue reading Support for booklets

Finished Catalogue

Today, we consume raw materials a lot faster than they can regenerate themselves. People are increasingly becoming more aware of it. Recycling and Up-cycling has become part of our lives. Through this catalogue I present design ideas working on the basis of being sustainable. These projects are to be physical next year.     BOOK … Continue reading Finished Catalogue

Finished Medals

Here are some images of the finished medals. Because the colours were quite dark, I rubbed the medals with some golden natural pigment I bought in Venice. It brings out the colours of the glass a lot more. Photos will never be the same as seeing them live. The medals are to be displayed in … Continue reading Finished Medals