Glass work (cont)

So, I have seen the finished glass piece I was working on. Sadly, it didn’t work. We came to the conclusion that even though I only used Bulls-eye glass, different colors must have had a different fusing point. Martin (the Tech Dem) fired my piece a few times but it ended up cracking and not … Continue reading Glass work (cont)

Relating things

A couple of days ago I watched “A serious man”, a film made by the Cohen brothers about Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg), a Jewish physics professor who is searching for explanations and answers for things happening in his life. The film is brilliant itself, very dark, but I was really interested in the colors that I … Continue reading Relating things

Wooden Box

The last workshop was in the sculpture department. We worked with wood and big metals. Here are some photos of my wooden box. First step was to cut the wood (with the bandsaw) and put it together using Gorilla Glue and nails. I then put the top and the bottom of the box with glue … Continue reading Wooden Box