Post on the glass medals

Continuing with the recycling and re-using concept. I have been working on the medals which were part of the Subject area of the course. I am using recycled materials such as glass (bottles) and aluminium (cans). I am on the first stage of this project. The medals have been in the kiln once and this … Continue reading Post on the glass medals

Progress …

I have been terrible for blogging this year (not that I was a lot better last year) Some news… I AM GOING TO VENICE!! And that is so very exciting! I have now booked my flight and accommodation, so that is off my mind and gives me more capacity to concentrate on other things such … Continue reading Progress …

Glass work (cont)

So, I have seen the finished glass piece I was working on. Sadly, it didn’t work. We came to the conclusion that even though I only used Bulls-eye glass, different colors must have had a different fusing point. Martin (the Tech Dem) fired my piece a few times but it ended up cracking and not … Continue reading Glass work (cont)

Relating things

A couple of days ago I watched “A serious man”, a film made by the Cohen brothers about Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg), a Jewish physics professor who is searching for explanations and answers for things happening in his life. The film is brilliant itself, very dark, but I was really interested in the colors that I … Continue reading Relating things